Sayantan's Photography

Portrait, Wedding and Street Photographer from Kolkata, India

I have always loved telling stories. Even as a kid, I would regale my parents and elder sister with stories of my day in school( irrespective of whether they were interested to hear about it or not)! So, perhaps it is not surprising that when I picked up a camera, I continued to search for stories in the moments I captured. Be it capturing the different moments of a lavish Indian wedding or documenting the various rituals of the 4 day long Durga Puja Festival, I love telling a story. Having said that, I also love the pre-planned photo shoots, deciding on the location, the props and the finer details of the composition. When I am not photographing, I also love to blog about my experiences during various trips. I love good food, morning swim, romcoms, rock music and long walks in the mountains.

Please visit my Portfolio to check out some of my favourite captures.

In case you wish to get in touch with me, kindly do so using the "Contact Me" link above.

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